Submitting An Event

An event is anything occurring on specific dates or days, they can be a one off event or something that happens on a regular basis. When we are sent an event we will add it to our calendar, our website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We will cover most events other than those that are purely commercial. Commercial events located in community spaces will also be promoted.

Some quick rules

  • If you are sending us any images or photographs please ensure you have the rights to the content and permission of anyone in the photograph. The sender assumes this liability
  • We reserve the right to edit your submission for editorial and design purposes
  • Don’t forget to tell us if an event changes or is cancelled
  • We will add you to our monthly mailing list, this is mostly to tell you how we are doing.

Tell us by email

Send your events to, it would be appreciated if you could follow the guidelines below:-

  • Put the name of the event in the subject, this is both the title of the article and will be posted on Twitter
  • If you want to mention an organisation, e.g. charity event benefactor, you can use the Twitter @name in the subject so they get a mention
  • In the body of the email put…
    • Event location, with post code
    • Event date, start time and end time
    • If it recurs we need to know when, e.g. every week, date or “1st Saturday of each month”. When is the last event, e.g. end of the sport season?
    • Contact details e.g. phone number, website, email
    • Description of the event

Sending us images

  • If you have a poster or photograph for your event send it as an attachment to the email in high resolution jpeg format
  • If you have a logo send it as an attachment to the email in high resolution jpeg format, we like logo’s square 😉
  • Please avoid just sending us the poster or the details in a Word document, PDF or PowerPoint, this means we have to try and extract text and images and may introduce errors. Send us the text so we can copy and paste it.

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