Launch of Chessington Community Matters “Editions”

As we have connected and engaged with various organisation across Chessington we have found that many of you are struggling with getting online and social media.

In response to this we are creating Chessington Community Matters “Editions”, think of it as part of Chessington Community Matters dedicated to your organisation.

If you already have a web site address, we can help you redirect it to your dedicated “Edition”. With Editions we ensure your news, events and articles can be viewed on PC, Mobile and Tablet.

Fact: Over 60% of internet searches and views are now on mobile, if your existing website is not “mobile ready”, Google will not even list it!

We also handle the distribution of your articles on our Twitter and Facebook account! In April we managed to reach over 40,000 people, we could help you reach more people both inside and outside of your organisation, spread the word or raise awareness of your events!

Publishing your organisations articles is as easy as sending us an email and best of all we offer this service for FREE! Have a look at out Sport EditionChurches Edition or Education Edition to see how we can create “Editions” bespoke to your organisation.

To become an “Edition” please email for more details.

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